Audiograms/OSHA Hearing Conservation Program

  • An audiogram is a test that uses pure-tone to test hearing. An audiogram is an important test in the occupational health setting.

  • An audiogram test shows how loud sounds need to be at different frequency levels for a person to hear them

  • The audiogram can show the type, degree, and configuration of hearing loss.

  • Many physicals such as T8 School Bus Driver Physicals and DOT Driver Exam Physicals for people who operate a commercial vehicle include an audiogram test. Some factory workers or other jobs that routinely expose employees to loud noises also require audiograms along with training in proper hearing protection. Our providers follow the OSHA Hearing Conservation Program.

  • The T8 Physician's Form asks that all school bus drivers pass an audiogram test with or without hearing aids in at least one ear at 40 decibels at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, and 200 Hz.

  • Our machines for testing for T8 School Bus Driver Physicals and CDL/DOT Driver Exams with the FMCSA are calibrated to the American National Standard for compliance and are in compliance with Federal Regulations.

  • All of our T8 School Bus Driver Physicals include the required audiogram test free of charge.

  • DOT Commercial Driver Exams do not typically require an audiogram test unless the patient cannot pass a Whisper Test, if the patient wears hearing aids, or if the DOT provider has any concerns about a drivers ability to hear safely.

  • If a DOT Commercial Driver requires an audiogram it is free of charge and is included as part of their DOT exam at our office.

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